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Project Management

Project Management

Haysley Technology Consulting can assist your business with all of your I.T. projects.

Office Moves - Technology

Is your small business moving to a new facility? Maybe you have users that are just moving around in the office. We can help disassemble and reassemble your computer equipment at your new facility, new office or cubicle.

Technology Infrastructure Refresh

Is it time to refresh your technology at your small business? HTC can help refresh your network infrastructure to the latest technology to improve speed, security and reliability.

Workstation Refresh

Everyone likes a new computer, right? Of course we do! But sometimes it is more than just wanting a new computer. Typically a desktop computer's life cycle is about 5 years. A computer older than 5 years typically cannot keep up with the demands of new software and the latest accessories. Employess will be happier and more productive if the computer can keep up the pace. Let us help refresh the aging computers in your office.

Software Deployment

We can assist with software deployments at your small business. From one computer or to every computer on your network.

New ISP/Telco Provider

Are you getting a new Internet connection? We can help facilitate the change over to the new Internet Service Provider. HTC also has several strategic partners that can help you get the best connection at the best price.

Vendor Management

Are you tired of managing technology vendors? We can help manage them for you! If you are starting a new project, working out details for a new implementation or just setting up meeting for information gathering, let us help facilitate.

Budget Planning

Is it time to plan the new technology budget? HTC can help you come up with a budget and think about items that you may have missed in the past.

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