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Backup Solutions

Backup Solutions

Haysley Technology Consulting provides several different solutions for your backup needs.

Fully Managed Server Backup with Disaster Recovery (DR)

HTC can provide a fully managed backup solution for your small business that includes Disaster Recovery. We will monitor and test the backups on a regular schedule to ensure they complete successfully. If a disaster occurs, we will facilitate the recovery of you data, including a temporary virtualized environment if your hardware becomes unavailable after the disaster.

Offsite Cloud Hosted Backup

No more switching out tapes or external hard drives. Most compaines forget to rotate the media or take it offsite to protect the data. The data is stored in a secure cloud environment that takes the guess work out of data rotation and data recovery.

Bare Metal Recovery

Our backup solution can fully recover servers in the event of total distruction of server hardware. This includes the operating system, configurations, drivers and domain information.

File Share Backup

Sometimes full disaster recovery or bare metal recovery is more than what a small business wants, depending on the industry. We can also perform simple file share backups to the cloud. In the event of a disaster, the shared data can be recovered. In this scenario, the servers will need to be manually rebuilt, which may take longer for recovery.

Workstation Backup

Depending on your industry, users may keep data on their local workstation. Though this is not the recommended method for file storage, it does still occur. Our solution can be setup to backup each workstation in your environment for quick data recovery.

Continuous Backup

Our solution can provide continuous backups throughout the day. This allows for point in time data recovery. If you have been working on a file and want to recover it from a few hours earlier, we can do that.

Data Retention

You decide how long backp data is stored. Maybe it is 6 months, 1 year or 7 years. After the retention period, data that is backed up is automatically purged from the backup. Your industry may dictate data retention periods.


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