MightyText SMS from your Computer

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MightyText – Send and receive SMS from your computer.

This is one of my favorite apps to use with my computer and smartphone.  Personally my fingers get a little sore always tapping on my phone screen.

There are many applications out there that allow you to SMS from your computer, but I like mightytext the best.

There are two versions.  Free and Pro.

The free version is AD driven and is limited to 100 SMS messages a month, which is plenty for me.  I’ve never gone over my limit.  The Pro version is unlimited.

Here is a screenshot of the texting screen from a browser window:

SMS MightyText

More Features:

  • Call Notifications – Get notified on your computer when someone calls your phone
  • Phone Battery Alerts – Monitor your battery from your browser
  • Send Web Pages, Maps and Photos to your phone
  • Photos saved – Photos send to your phone can be saved in MightyText
  • Ring your phone – Can’t find your phone in your house?  MightyText can make it ring!

MightText RingMake it ring even if your ringer is on vibrate.

MightyText Pro can do even more, you should check it out!

MightyText site:  https://mightytext.net/

MightyText Blog: https://blog.mightytext.com/

Disclaimer:  MightyText does not work with the iPhone, only Android phones.


I hope that you find this app as useful as I do!


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